• Atelier

    Atelier is the live-electronic act conceptualized by childhood friends Alexander Inggs and Jas Miszewski, whose love of analogue synths, drum machines and effects pedals is revealed in a hardware-heavy live performance. The project is a platform for combining their differing musical backgrounds – a drifting blend of indie, folk, house and techno with an underlying maturity that emerges in their frank performances and honest productions. In 2019 the duo released their debut album Varsam Court through Berlin’s LOSSLESS Records – a collection of introspective songs about love, loss, relationships and life. The album established the duo as an artist whose profound and intimate songwriting skills combined with broad and expansive electronic influences can merge genres into their own inimitable style.

  • Butch

    Techno heads love Butch; house heads love Butch, as well as the deep and dirty and the light & bright. Few artists flow through genres and emotional landscapes with such ease and fluidity as Bülent, challenging preconceptions of the dance floor and the expected outcome in the process. The spark behind his excursions is natural: as a music lover, he’s always stayed open to different styles and aesthetics. As an artist, he’s always allowed himself to express his take on each genre – it’s true that with Butch, you never know what to expect, other than consistently fresh and unique output.
    Truly a restless entity, over the years, he’s built two trailblazing labels from the ground up in OTHERSIDE and Bouq, held several residencies at parties and venues such as Sankeys and DC10 in Ibiza, Robert Johnson in Offenbach, Germany and continues to prove time and time again, that he is here to stay.

  • Charly Schaller

    Somewhat ironically, it was whilst studying Philosophy at Cambridge University that Charly Schaller had her first encounters with techno music, taking weekend breaks to visit the hallowed turf of Berlin’s techno institutions and realising quickly that the answers to those existential questions can equally be found on the dancefloor as they can in the lecture theatre. It was the beginning of a love affair with techno and its harder-edged subgenres. Fast forward a few years, and Charly was playing regularly at the likes of About Blank, Griessmühle and Arena Club. 2021 saw her first release on He.She.They with Rekid’s label boss Radio Slave stepping in for remix duties. With an upcoming EP on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint and inclusions on VA’s for LAP and DURCH labels, Charly’s music chews up and spits out the concrete foundations of Berlin’s underground and combines flavours of industrial, hardcore and trance with hints of hip-hop and hyper pop, adding euphoric vocals and dramatic synth lines to create a sound that is all her own.

  • Frankey & Sandrino

    Frankey & Sandrino’s creative and personal lives are uniquely intertwined. The duo has been making music together for just over a decade, and in that time, their rich, detailed style has graced the upper-echelons of house and techno’s worthiest institutions, garnering a thread of releases on labels such as Innervisions, Mule Musiq, Kompakt and Diynamic, as well as their own imprint Sum Over Histories.

  • Impérieux

    The word «Enigma» is often thrown around the musical circuit without much regard for its meaning, but there are few artists who it fits as well onto as the Bulgarian native «Impérieux». After debuting on ATLANT Recordings in 2017, he landed with a large impact on the scene in 2019, with his coveted yet unexpected track «Mehmed» coming out on Sum over Histories. Contrary to the title, he moved on to release «Stopped Growing For A Year» on Innervisions’ Secret Weapons Series. This thread has last been spun into his «Modus Operandi EP». Four tracks solidify Impérieux’s unique artistic voice and reveal a musical narrative that would take some musicians an entire career to achieve but have taken him a mere two years. Unsurprisingly this has put him on many maps, be they from fellow artists, journalists or dedicated fans, reaffirming the bright future this enigmatic artist has.

  • Kander

    In collaboration with 4MP Agency – a division of Frills

    Kander is the Manchester-based DJ duo of Kane and Alex. Heavily influenced by their Manchester roots, you can feel the industrial nature of their hometown within their productions. Kander honed their sound with previous releases on labels such as Clergy, Obscure, Unfound and Märked. The latest EP, “RKR1 “, their debut release on the R-Label Imprint in May 2021, demonstrates their ability to create forward-thinking electronic music whilst embracing the diversity of the UK’s rich musical legacy. Residents at “Hidden “Manchester, and their style stands out for its highly engaging and unlimited energy.

  • Manqo

    Manqo should never have existed. The result of a chance encounter combined with a creative impulse. Or as the word literally translates, an ‘imperfection’. A mistake. Two acquaintances who quickly realised that the result of their varied musical tastes and style was a blend of soulful atmospheres and beats completely beyond the realms of their own expectation. The first result of this new partnership found its way to Keinemusik’s Rampa, and with a quick retouch became ‘Won’t Change’, released soon after on VOD and appearing on Playstation’s GTA 5. Naturally, it wasn’t long before the mysterious allure of the unidentified duo caught the attention of Damian Lazarus, who immediately signed two EPs to his Crosstown Rebels imprint. The first of which sees its release on the 29th of November, backed by a remix from none other than the master of mellifluous house music himself, Black Coffee.

    Manqo may have been an accident, but clearly, the music was destined to be heard. For now, we can only listen to the story unfold as it writes itself, one chance encounter at a time.

  • Parallx

    In collaboration with 4MP Agency – a division of Frills

    Parallx doesn’t want to test your attention with words. He wants you to leave with your ears ringing and legs trembling. Berlin resident, R-Label artist, sound obsessed. His music was inspired by the dirty industrial landscapes of West Germany in which he was raised, refined from the energies and experiences of dancefloors around the world.

  • Rikhter

    In collaboration with 4MP Agency – a division of Frills

    Not a lot is written or known about the man behind the mask. A choice-driven by his desire to express himself through music. Moscow-based and resident at the Monasterio Factory, supported by the R-Label collective and fast becoming a staple on the international circuit.

  • Roks

    In collaboration with 4MP Agency – a division of Frills

    Hard, fast and sweaty is the description best given to the music of the Moscow native Roks. Resident of the Russian powerhouse Monasterio, her brand of industrial techno is born in Russia but transcends borders and genres, ending up as pure energy.

  • Somewhen

    In collaboration with 4MP Agency – a division of Frills

    Somewhen’s techno design derives from different sources that all share one common vision. Long before his first release, he explored the energizing potential between beat, groove, and melody. His sound became defined by its hypnotic repetition with a subtle wealth of detail combined with a passion for atmospheric soundscapes.

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