• Afem Syko

    A key protagonist in the frenetic sound of Berlin’s underground, Afem Syko has fast become a regular feature on the international circuit. Known for his unpredictable, high-paced, and vibrant techno sets – he draws you into a versatile blend of hypnotizing techno, acid, and old-school. With his debut release on Kobosil’s imprint R Label Group he delivered an impressive introduction to the inner circle of next-generation electronic artists.

  • Aiden

    Frills in co-operation with Tote Sonne
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    From New York to Berlin by way of Milan, British-American Aiden is part of a new generation of artists blurring the lines between past, present and future. Her fierce productions blend sounds of industrial, hardcore and rave – the result of her exposure to the frenetic world of US dance music culture combined with the rich musical legacy of her UK roots – already earning her a seat at the table of Kobosil’s mighty R Label Group.

  • Alekzandra

    Berlin-based French artist Alekzandra has constructed her entire life around music. In the early 2000s, she got into the electronic music scene of Ibiza and became a DJ of the legendary ‘Ibiza Underground Club’. Facing the need to explore the full spectrum of the scene, she moved to Berlin, instantly feeling at home.

    Alekzandra’s musical background lies in dark, minimal synth-wave sound as well as experimental drone ambient, which has naturally led from her more dancefloor-oriented performances to EBM and Industrial Techno. Regardless of whether she plays Techno, EBM, Industrial, Minimal Wave, or Ambient – her sets are designed to indicate a deep, hypnotic, and mystical state among the audience.

  • Alva

    As a DJ on the ascendant, a crucial voice in Berlin nightlife, and an advocate for queer and marginalised actors in the scene, Alva’s attention is always focused outwards. Her observant nature is unfailingly evident, whether in the protective environment of her Calyx parties or when djing around the world, cocooning rapt dancers within her signature fast-paced style, laced with driving hypnotism, exacting precision, thoughtful builds and intuitive responses.

    While blurring the boundaries between Cdjs and Vinyl, Alva’s skill and dedication first caught the attention of crews and promoters in Berlin and quickly beyond. In 2018 she was invited to join the infamous Ismus collective, known for hosting some of the most intense and extended parties in the german capital; in the years since, she has played at demonstrations and diy affairs alongside renowned queer clubs nights like Mala Junta in Berlin, Endurance in Copenhagen and Fold in London, as well at pretty every major nightspot in her hometown, including Säule at Berghain.

  • Butch

    Butch is probably a name that rings a bell if you have even a slight interest in house and techno. A DJ and producer with Turkish roots who hails from Mainz and now calls Ibiza and Dubai home. As a winner of various prestigious awards in the “Best Producer” category, Butch is a regular performer at some of the industry’s most renowned clubs and events, such as Circoloco and Robert Johnson. He has collaborated with electronic music royalty from Ricardo Villalobos and Maceo Plex up to Frank Wiedemann and Keinemusic and released on prestigious labels, including Radio Slave’s Rekids, Dixon’s Innervisions, Solomun’s Diynamic, Axel Boman’s Studio Barnhus, Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, The Martinez Brothers’ Cuttin’ Headz, Gerd Janson’s Running Back, Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, Loco Dice’s Desolat, Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, and Sven Väth’s Cocoon, among others. However, Butch’s influence on the scene goes beyond a swanky but still impressive list of name-dropping collabs and labels.

  • DLV

    DLV has established a unique presence in Europe’s techno landscape with an intense yet eclectic sound. As a DJ, producer, and label owner, his dedication and passion have led to releases on respected imprints like Amelie Lens’s Exhale, KlangKuenstler’s Outworld, and Voxnox. Those expecting hard techno may be surprised; DLV’s sound nowadays is rhythm-based, playful and percussive techno with influences ranging from old school to new. His history as a hip-hop DJ has shaped his versatility, allowing him to master vocals and even melodies without compromising his artistic integrity. Originally from Vienna and now based in Berlin, his rise in the electronic music world was kickstarted by the underground hit “Rave Instructor” and recently resulted in the founding of his own record label, “Misguided.” With support from artists like Anetha,, and KI/KI, Misguided reflects DLV’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.


    As one of Scotland’s most prominent techno talents, is an artist who is definitively pioneering the latest generation of clubbing fanatics. His unique, highly sought-after brand of uncompromising, rave-oriented techno has been drawing the praises of all who witnessed him in the flesh, and at his age, he already played in over 30 countries across the globe, playing regularly legendary clubs such as Fabric London Room 1, RSO Berlin, DC-10 Ibiza, Grelle Forelle Vienna, Faust in South Korea, Fabrik Madrid and many more. has released on renowned labels such as Mutual Rytm, Hydraulix, and ISARN, and he launched his own imprint Parallel Visions. Although he is very versatile in all terms of techno, his sound carries an old-school techno core, a pulsating low-end and hypnotic drive.

  • gome

    gome are currently making big waves in the house scene. They started their own label, ‘snackwax’, in 2023, and with the very first release, ‘Tell Me’, they made it straight into Beatport’s top ten of the best house tracks of the year!

    But to truly understand gome, you need to catch them at one of their mind-blowing sets, either as DJs or – even better – as a live act to feel the vibe these two bring on. Hailing from Hamburg, this duo has been electrifying house enthusiasts worldwide since their breakthrough with some outstanding releases on Toy Tonics.

    Their sound is a unique blend of raw 90s house with touches of funk, disco, and soul. As live performers, they favour a strict hardware setup. gome are genuine musicians, unafraid to incorporate live instruments like keyboards, guitars, or bass, and even add their own vocals during performances in front of a club crowd.

  • In Verruf

    Driven to share the same bliss he experienced in dark and delirious underground spaces, In Verruf brings freedom and ecstasy to the dance floor. He is defined by his profound respect for the liberation that raving brings and his determination to protect a culture of revelry that has existed for thousands of years. With a name that can be loosely translated as “in disgrace”, In Verruf confronts the dark reputation that the techno scene is notorious for and wreaks havoc in the club with his distinctively bold and scorching sound, that has only become more potent since his move to Berlin. Signed by R LABEL GROUP in 2019, he joined the ranks of their anarchic movement, bringing a cutting edge to dance floors. His first release, featuring the hit “Too Much DMT”, was a raging success, “I See The Devil” was one of the biggest techno tunes of 2022. With production skills comfortably under his belt, In Verruf is now evolving into his identity as a DJ, delivering hair-raising sets that are both thrilling and poignant at the same time. 

  • Johannes Schuster

    Johannes Schuster’s story is one of passion, evolution, and relentless ambition. A tale that begins with a 15-year-old and his first piece of vinyl, up to being a resident of the iconic German techno event brands ‘Unreal’ and ‘303’, gaining a global reputation through his incendiary DJ Sets and playing regularly on the worldwide techno circuit. His sonic arsenal? A unique blend of sounds that marries the dark allure of industrial beats, bright and emotional pads, interspersed with ravey acid and old-school grooves. Much attention has also been given to his fantastic solo productions and remixes on a range of prominent labels, such as Green Fetish, Soma, NineTimesNine, Voxnox, RND Records, Märked, and many more.

  • Miura

    Miura’s life journey, from Crimea to Berlin, reflects her vibrant music career. Growing up in Crimea, music was a constant presence, with family gatherings filled with songs composed by her father. Starting as a pastry chef, Miura learned to blend ingredients, a skill she transferred to music production. Transitioning to DJing, she gained recognition as the creative director of Kyiv’s “Vognyk Bar” and played alongside renowned artists. Ibiza provided solace during the Ukrainian war, inspiring her and harmonising with friends, music, and food. Miurasees music as a personal diary, reflecting her soul. Now, in Berlin, she thrives in an accepting and nurturing environment. Miura channels her passion, heritage, and resilience through her music.

  • Parallx

    Parallx grew up in the dirty industrial landscapes of Western Germany, a backdrop that deeply influenced his sound. Refined by energies and experiences from dancefloors worldwide, his productions draw on EBM, Industrial, and 90’s Techno. Despite their rough power on the dance floor, they are meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail.

    In 2023, Parallx extended his artistic reach by launching his own record label, ISARN, which channels an industrial utopian fantasy. The label explores early 2000s percussive techno and EBM, with occasional forays into non-club music like post-punk and rock.

    Parallx is a resident DJ at Berlin’s highly-acclaimed club RSO, where he is known for his long and distinctive DJ sets.

    Parallx was recognized as the #3 “Newcomer of the Year” in the 2017 Groove Magazine annual reader’s poll. His continued success in the worldwide techno scene today proves they were right.

  • Tom Trago

    Tom Trago – one of the leading lights of the Dutch electronic music underground, who defined the house and electronica sound of Amsterdam like few others. He is a globe-trotting DJ, producer, live performer and label owner who enjoys nothing more than championing both overlooked gems and fresh sounds from his own country. Tom Trago held residencies at renowned Amsterdam institutions Trouw and De School and name any prestigious festival or clubs worldwide – pretty sure he’s played there.

    He once claimed that he felt a physical need to make music every day, and it’s hard to think of anyone whose immersion in music is quite as complete. Tom Trago is known for his versatility across electronic music genres, deep beats and grooves, and remixes for giants such as Depeche Mode. His genre-blurring sound and unique style have made him an influential figure in the world of electronic music.

  • Vendex

    Influenced by the literature of Dante Alighieri in his work the Divine Comedy, as well as everything related to history, Vendex comes with the intention of creating a path to an inner journey wrapped in dark melodies, blunt and sharp bass that defy the natural, reaching supernatural sounds that touch or even reach what would be the sound of the underworld. Generating sounds that guide the Dantesque idea of a trip to the underworld with the aim of reaching paradise. All this through a forceful and enveloping sound, thus creating a path to the nine levels of hell, purgatory and finally reaching paradise.

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